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DIDAFRAN1 & DIDAITAL1 – time5: Innføring av plattformen High5 (MOO) Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Posted by Myriam Coco in didafran1, didaital1, Forelesninger, Franskdidaktikk, IKT Begrep / Concepts TIC.
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Even if it was the 5th session for the student teachers of French and Italian didactic class, today was the 1st one for me, and I was very pleased to meet them.

My English is probably better than my Norwegian, that is why this is in English today.

We used today’s class to be familiar with the platform, since it will be used to forum discussions, classroom practice logs and executions of role-plays.

The use of  ICT is not absolutely required for any teaching/learning situation. However, it is fair to say that student teachers need to be familiar with nowadays tools. Most of their learners will be. But more importantly, by knowing the ICT tools they may meet, they are more informed on whether or not they will use ICT, and if so: why, when, how and with whom. The decision will depend on the ability to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the ICT tool for a particular learning situation, and not on fear nor ignorance. This ability is one of the research areas for the Norwegian education, under the name of Digital kompetanse.

Another aspect for getting used to ICT tools is sustainable personal development. A teacher needs to keep herself/himself updated about about her/his field developments and practices, as well as about the new media. Those ICT often can be the key to develop a network for innovation and support in a teacher’s busy life.


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