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Huin102: Digital kompetanse, oppsummering, kursevaluering Thursday, October 30, 2008

Posted by Myriam Coco in Forelesninger, HUIN102 blogs, IKT Begrep / Concepts TIC, Litteratur.
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Grunnleggende ferdigheter for grunnskolen – Å kunne bruke digitale verktøy i…


Definisjon av digital kompetanse: Digital kompetanse er ferdigheter, kunnskaper, kreativitet og holdninger som alle trenger for å kunne bruke digitale medier for læring og mestring i kunnskapssamfunnet.

ITU. (2005). Digital skole hver dag – Om helhetlig utvikling av digital kompetanse i grunnopplæringen. http://zalo.itu.no/ITU/filearchive/Digital_skole_hver_dag.pdf.

Dimensjon 1: Ferdigheter i bruk av IKT

Dimensjon 2 : IKT brukt i ulike fagområder

Dimensjon 3 : Læringsstrategier. Meta-kognitive evner.

Dimensjon 4 : Kulturell kompetanse, digital dannelse


Nivå i den digitale kompetansen (Coco, M. (2008)):

  1. Practical or primary level, that is the mastery of the computing equipments and the diverse software used and the ability to adapt to new tools ;
  2. Critical or secondary level: the ability to research, manage and use the information available on the internet, as well as the ability to produce information, text on a creative and ethical way.
  3. Conceptuel or tertiary level : the understanding of the synergy existing between the use of ICT and the environment they are introduced in, the progressive transformation of the use of the ICT by the environment of application and vice-versa, the resulting education (apprentissages in French) and the reinvestment of this education into the design of new tools. Working forms are modified; the relationship between peers and the development of identity are affected, as well as the relationship to the learning object. This level implies a holistic approach to ICT and learning.


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