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Huin102 – Digital kompetanse – Time 11 Sunday, November 4, 2007

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On Wednesday, we went to through 3 articles: Feilberg’s, Jopp’s and Turkle’s.

The students were part of think tanks about to decide for the nation whether Huin102 should go totally virtual in a MOO. Here is the mission.

To groups formed themselves and tried to come to a solution regarding this question.The think tanks went through vivid discussions going back and forth from their own experience to the arguments found in the articles.

The answer came as follows:


Meaning: there would be no sponsoring for such an opplegg (I love this word, when I don’t have to translate it!).

Klasserom Snapshot

Board of the Day_time11

Here are the arguments.

They tend to meet the same arguments from Feilberg’s article, even if using a MOO could put a spark to a more comprehensive learning process, as ment in Jopp’s article.

And if there was to be an online version of the class, there should be at least a parallel f2f class. It is important to have the choice.

Questions about the evaluation forms were raised as well.

There was not much reference to Turkle’s article for this exercise, although I thought it would find some echos within some arguments. But that did not happen.

On the board comes the expression “computer literacy“, wich is mostly used for the hability to use computers and softawares. So this would mean the use of ICT on a practical level, not really including the comprehension of the media, its use and influence on/by society, or in learning situations, for instance as opposed to the concept of ICT.

We made another precision regarding the concept (digital) ICT: it is mostly used outside of the USA. So when reading english language articles, make sure to identify the origine of the writer who might use IT or digital media, digital culture or other terminology with a similar understanding as for digital ICT.


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