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Huin102 – Semesterplan overført på bloggen (edited) Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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The page for the Semesterplan will be disconnected for 1-2 days. I will transfer it to this very blog. The reason for that is purely technical: it will be easier and faster to update it.

The Semesperplan will be published on the side of “the f.a.q.” page. In the main time:

  • Man 24.09., Øving/Demo, IKT-Seminarrom 326, kl.12.15-13.00
  • Tir 25.09.: Tekstkritikk (forts.) og digital utgivelse – Hockey kap 8 / CH
  • Ons 26.09.: CH, Tekstkritikk (forts.) og digital utgivelse – Hockey kap 8

HUIN102 bloggers

New Post!!! See : P Weblog! It refers to a website Arild & Lene built last semester. Check it out!!

Einhardno’s Weblog
21.08.07 – 17.09.07

It is my sad mission to report that one of our blogs is reported missing: Einhardno’s Weblog…We already saw precursory signs of the event some weeks ago when the content of the blog was suddently wiped out of the surface of the blogosphere. But somehow, the weblog returned to life for a short period of time and brought large contributions to the group thinking. And this, we are thankful for…


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