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Categories for Links… Sunday, September 16, 2007

Posted by Myriam Coco in Technical Considerations.

That’s odd… Yesterday, I added a category for the links : IKT begrep. I already had this category for the posts and realized that it would be relevant for one article I wanted to link to the blog. When I did the procedure, the category did not appear at first. However, I did not give it any more thoughts, since the systems updates itself sometimes with two hours delay.

But today, the category is listed, including 2 more links, those of 2 students (:P and Lenhaniko’s blogs)!!! And I can NOT remember having ever included them into this category. Either this is a bug, or there is some mystery waiting to be investigated.

I put it to rest for now. The answer might just come to me, or the problem will go away on its own. If not, I WILL look into it!!

— Hmm! The problem is not getting better. This present post is supposed to take place in a new category called “Technical Considerations“. Do you think that it will be shown?? My default category is “Introduction” and instead, I am getting “Uncategorized“… I’m not happy. There must be a bug today or the system is in maintenance, or something like that… I guess patience is in order today.


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