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Huin102 – Om Pensumlisten Saturday, September 15, 2007

Posted by Myriam Coco in Learning Activities, z. Huin102 Information.

Hello everyone!

As many of you already know it, the reading list has been uploaded.The total number of pages should sum up to approximately 1000 pages, amount necessary for 15 studiepoings

It contains a compulsory reading list that will be discussed in details or mentioned during our discussions, either in class or in this blog.

The second part of your reading list is composed by you, according to your writing project. Some of you might find interesting links gathered under the categories “Research“, “Tools” and “Worldwide blogs” on the right of this blog.

As for the third part of the reading list, it is composed of texts that you write and read from your own practice of the ICT. Very few of you have published a second or a third post. I encourage you to post your comments about your readings on your blogs, to read and comment each others blogs.

Not only will this be helpful to point out aspects of class discussions, activities and readings that made an impact or that you did not grasp, but this will contribute to add up reading material up to the needed 300 pages.

Have an enlightening reading!



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