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Huin102 – Virtual Role-Plays to Come Monday, September 10, 2007

Posted by Myriam Coco in HUIN102 blogs, Introduction.

Hi everyone!

I thought I would publish earlier, but that just did not happen – although I commented one Huin102 blog.

During the last two weeks, students in French didactic classes (studying to become French teachers) had a virtual role-play made according to one of my designs. In this role-play, some of the students took on pupils’ identities while one of them played the teacher. The idea with the role-play is to bring out beliefs and preconceptions about teaching and learning a foreign language that can working against learning. Once unveiled, these beliefs and preconceptions aim at being reflected on, in order to promote good teaching practices.

The activity (preparation, execution, analysis of the role-play) took 3 sessions and was very enlightening, rich in learning items made by the students themselves and discussed among us. I invited them to this blog. Hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to have some of their feedbacks.

We are going to do a role-play of that sort during our sessions. I really hope you will take part in it. It is a good example of the mix between ICT and Learning. The role-play will take place in a virtual platform called a MOO. The University of Bergen has developed one and you can find it among the links: look for High Five. Once there, you can log in as guest and explore the environment.

Has any of you taken part in a role-play (like Dungeons & Dragons) either face-to-face or online?

HUIN102 bloggers

New Posts!!! See Einhardno and Renates Weblogs!! And don’t forget to comment too.!

The first deals with definitions about kunnskap & Informasjon. The second is about videogames and its role in the development of our skills.




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