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Huin102 – Ingen dumme spørsmål – Face to face vs. Online Thursday, August 30, 2007

Posted by Myriam Coco in HUIN102 blogs, IKT Begrep / Concepts TIC, Læring i gang.

Face to face vs. Online

No, there are no such things as dumme spørsmål. Så kalt ”dumme spørsmål” er en kjempe støtte for å gå videre i læringsprosessen.

Lova Adriana (Tan012) was wondering about the terms “Face to face” and “online” that appeared during our line of conversation (see her blog ). Now she knows what they mean.

For those who don’t: when comparing conversations that go on on the net or in physical presence, it becomes easier to use the terms:

  • Online” for interactions on the net,
  • Face to face” (“F2F”) for interactions where people are in the presence of each other.

Why is this terminology practical? Because depending on the context of the interaction (if everybody is physically present or if it takes place in Second Life or on the Msn or Yahoo messengers, for instance), different kinds of phenomenons are going to take place.

There is a fair amount of research dedicated to those phenomenons, as it is crucial to be aware of them when developing e-learning curricula, for example.
There are even codes of conduct for those who interact online; those codes are referred to as “netiquette”. One example of the netiquette: whoever uses CAPITAL letters while interacting online is doing the same thing as “shouting” in F2F interactions — which might become stressful for the other users. As a consequence, capital letters should be used wisely.

HUIN102 bloggers – so far

I see so far 2 phenomenons emerge with the blog use:

The first phenomenon:
I am having separate conversations with some of you, which I enjoy. The blog is living and this is what it is supposed to do.
I’d suggest you to write another post soon as possible. You’ll see: you will get hooked before you know it. One thing that can be done, if you feel a lack of inspiration, is to post a new entry based on the comments gathered so far, and attract the world’s attention on the topic.

The second phenomenon:
It seems to me that some of you might feel a little powerless in the use of WordPress. I agree with those who find it difficult to gather information on how to do things around here.
I am myself learning how to use WordPress. It was my choice to start at the same time as you, in order to experience the same problems you encounter and have them fresh in my mind and understand things from your perspective. What can I say about it?

Hang in there! One has to be patient in order to wrap his/her mind around the internal logic in place. It always takes some time to figure things out, even for “computer geeks” (they just go a bit faster than the rest of us, and they are not afraid to make mistakes).
Without preaching, I would say that this way to proceed (hanging in there, experiencing, testing, failingl, starting over) is precious learning time. Because as technology develops, patience, persistence and open minded attitude are winning strategies to understand new tools as well as new concepts, and get things done. It’s about developing a new competence that will come handy in the future.

Remember that you can always contact me or others in here if you need help.
I started a F.A.Q. (frequent asked questions) section, on the right side of the “looking at the finger” tab. All suggestions are welcome!



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