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Huin102 – Presentation of the self Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Posted by Myriam Coco in Introduction, Learning Activities.

Welcome, everybody.

This blogs officially opens our class, which we will resume in October.

The main objective for today is to get you started in the reflection process about new technologies. The idea is that when we begin in October, you already have some idea(s) that you exchanged or will exchange with all of us, from your experiences and reflections about those experiences.

By the way, you can write in Norwegian or/and in English, I believe we can all understand these languages.

So how about getting this communication started?

What should include the blog?

The first post

I would suggest for this very first entry that you all present yourself, i.e.:

  • What you are studying,
  • Your professional projects
  • Your opinion about ICT in general
  • Your opinion about ICT and learning
  • How you feel about it in terms of skills
  • Your expectations for this class
  • Whether you would like others outside of this classroom to take part in the discussion
  • Are you familiar with blogging, forum discussions, chats?

The other posts

The topic of your blog is totally up to you, as long as it relates to new technologies and learning. In case you find it hard to find a topic, here are some ideas:

  • How things are going with the IKT og språk class: your learning strategies or difficulties might enlighten others
  • Your experience with video games such as Food force, Victoria, the Sims, or other (educational) video games
  • Your exploration of Second Life or other virtual world
  • Your language learning journey with programs or internet sites (i.e.: Tell Bell),
  • Etc.,

That is plenty, isn’t it?

I encourage you to test everything that comes across your path and intrigues you, and to write about it here. Your posts are going to be a big help in the end, when it comes to choose a problemstilling, to recall thoughts for both the seminaroppgave and the skoleeksamen.

So I guess it is my turn now, to start practicing a little:

You all already know my name.

My background is in chronological order is: Culture and Communication, Science of Education, Linguistics and French as a foreign language didactics. During the last few years, I have been focusing on the use of new technologies in foreign language teachers’ education, especially, the use of virtual environments in beliefs/preconceptions changing.

I am looking forward to having your inputs and start dialogging with you. That is going to be exciting.

Within a near future, I will explore more this WordPress environment, add some “Information” sections and links you can use. You are welcome to comment my posts as well!

Lykke til!!


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